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May 22, 2018
This week we discuss the West Yorkshire police, and their threats to prosecute people who criticize them on the internet.
But first, we've lost a few Patrons since the last episode, and we want to say that while we're sorry to see you go, we appreciate everything you've done to help us out! And don't forget, if you'd like to help us keep the lights on, make sure to visit
Also Adam tones down his racism, homophobia, and transphobia a bit in this one. Did you notice he forgot to write Scott's intro again? I'm not going to say anything to him and see if he remembers.
Oh shit, Tanner makes his grand return on this one. He's done with school and will be back in the seat.
Scott has started dieting again, he's restricting... Hold on I think I'm going to start doing this from the first person. This shit's boring like this.
Alright Scott here, so I started a new fucking diet and it sucks my balls. I'm doing what Christian Bale did to get thin for the Machinist and it's making me angry cause I'm hungry. He only ate a can of tuna and an apple a day. It's like 180 calories with the hardware I'm using (Jazz apples and walmart brand 5 Oz tuna in water). Damn y'all. If you haven't seen the machinist you should, here's the trailer. Also, for anyone that's concerned about my health. I'm not going to get that skinny. At this point I've been doing it for three days and I'm ready to fucking quit, but we'll see. I am losing about 2 lbs a day. If you do want me to starve myself to death you can let me know by emailing me Or pound your dicks off in the comments at
You want to know what I keep thinking about? What I'm going to eat when I break this diet... I'm thinking Popeye's cause I haven't had that shit in a long time and KFC and Church's can eat my ass. 
Shouts out to Popeye's.
OK, sorry, I'll get to podcast shit, it's just being so hungry is really fucking distracting.
So I feel like this was a pretty goddamn good one. We changed the format (don't worry, just a bit), instead of doing two main segments on politics/philosophy we hit a bunch of brief bullet points about different stuff, then hit some libertarian shit. Plus we even did a book club segment this ep.
I might keep doing it this way because I think we've reading too much on the show and it's kind of boring. But like I said this one is really good, or at least it was a lot of fun for me to record. Let us know if you don't like it, or if you thought it was good. That shit helps out a lot. 
So yeah, we talked about some dumb cops in Great Britain (I call it GB for short, you know what else GB stands for? Grizzly Balls. Think about it) who stole some kids weed and posted pictures of it on Facebook. These bitches ripped this dude off for like a gram, and then bragged about it. So naturally pretty much everyone  told them they were retarded and they got all butthurt and made a post letting people know they were monitoring the comments and would be prosecuting various commenters. Let them know what you think. It's the westyorkshire police page if you can find the post. Maybe they've deleted it by now I dunno. Anyway fuck the police, there's so much wrong with this... but it's kinda funny to watch them cry like the cucks they are. Ok sorry for the kink shaming. No one's on trial for wanting to watch someone fuck their wife. I really don't like cops though.
Here's the article:
I hope you bois and gurls enjoyed this one. Make sure to give us money and share our posts. PEACE!
May 8, 2018
In this episode, we dissect the documentary "Gringo: The dangerous life of John McAfee" as well as the recent alleged chemical attack in Syria. 
But first, Adam takes the helm and uses the intro of our beloved show as a platform for his bigotry, he claims to be openly
racist, gay and trans. Scott makes it very clear that Adam's opinions are his own and Adam is an un-ironic nazi.
So for reals, Adam and Scott had a libertarian trivia competition on a recent Patreon live stream, and the penalty to the loser was that they had to read a scripted intro, written by the winner, on the next episode. The competition ended in a tie, so Scott wrote and intro for Adamand Adam was supposed to write the outro for Scott to read, but Adam forgot... so Scott is off the 
hook for now...
So after Adam and Scott discuss whether or not Scott is using the word "lent" correctly, and reading a few of the comments in the live stream chat, They start in on John McAfee documentary. They discuss the film and it's contents as well as read from a article, linked below:
They continue on to discuss Syria, the chemical attack allegedly conducted by the Syrian government, and the U.S. retaliation. 
Looking back it seems like everything has died down. At the very least we are fortunate that Russia did not choose to use military action against U.S. forces. We also read from the following article:
We would also recommend watching the following Tucker Carlson clip, in which he is one of the few journalists questioning the legitimacy of the attack, from Fox News nonetheless.
We hope you guys enjoy the episode and don't forget to check out our Patreon
Worms y'all!
Apr 28, 2018
In this episode, we bring you the Internet-famous shit poster, twitch streamer and graphic designer... Croey Stoey (AKA Corey).
No Adam or Dave this pod, but Corey is a better second mic anyways, so to hell with them. Corey and Scott hit a few news stories, as well as recount tales from their past including some 4-lokian anecdotes, Faggot Bruce and SickAnimation
If you've never listened to the rapper Faggot Bruce, here's an example of some of his lyrics:
"That's right Faggot bruce I be lovin' the butts. That's right win or lose you'll be lickin' my nuts. All night no words bitch shut the fuck up. Daylight, balls deep I'll be fillin' you up. Yeah! It's big Brucey from the blacktop, I used to love pussy, but now I'm into Bang-cock. I'm the angel of dick and you the sinner. Spread that ass, I'm gonna mash that dinner. Brucey boy back with a brand new fable, bout my life locked up and how I laid cable. I had tons of dudes that was my playthings, I used they buttholes as my pinky rings. My life done changed up in Pelican Bay, doin' a bit for some shit I done back in the day. Servin' 10-12, it was my third year in, sexuality changed I started loving the men. I know it sounds silly going from totin' mack titties to yankin nigga's willies but, shit be different in the pen, if you wanna blow loads you gotsta bone the men."
I'm sure you get the idea...
Corey and Scott discuss a court case involving a British grandfather masturbating in front of his podiatrist as well as a North Carolina woman who used the excuse that she was doling out bibles to babies when she was caught allegedly attempting to steal newborn children. The official Ancap Barber Shop stance is that people handing out bibles to babies, or at least babies they don't know, are creeps. And as far as the English gentleman goes, we say LET MY MAN OUT. Free John Homer Tee shirts?
We appreciate you going on this journey with us, and if you did not enjoy this one, no hard feelings. We'll be back to our normal format next episode. 
Worms guys.
Apr 6, 2018
Hey folks, It's time for the Ancap Barber Shop!
In this episode, we are discussing #Bottomunity and Argumentation Ethics. 
But first, Scott installed some new camera mounts, so go check them out! The Facebook live stream is posted below:
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James Weeks (LNC Stripper), made a Facebook video discussing #bottomunity. The idea is the unification of the two bottom quadrants of the political compass, in juxtaposition to either quadrant unifying with their respective "counterpart". The boys discuss their opinions and weigh the pros and cons.
They then move on to discuss argumentation ethics, the rationalist justification of libertarian ethics that Hans Herman Hoppe derived from studying argumentation. The basic idea is that if you have chosen to argue with someone over a dispute instead of using force to settle the dispute, you are practicing a pursuit of peaceful ends to the argument. Hoppe makes it clear that you could at any point in the argument (or afterward) shift to using force instead of arguing peacefully, but you couldn't do so justifiably. You would be contradicting the precedent you had already set by arguing instead of taking what you want with violence. 
We hope you enjoyed this episode and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave us a review and a 5-star rating on your podcatcher.
Mar 24, 2018

Venezuela has created its own state-sanctioned cryptocurrency by order of President Maduro, and some dipstick state-rep from Alabama says teachers shouldn't be armed because they're mostly women, and women aren't comfortable carrying guns. Get all the details on this episode of The Ancap Barber Shop!

Hey Folks, It's once again time for the Ancap Barber Shop. We've got some good stuff lined up in this episode, but first, we need to thank Croey Stoey for his pledge to donate $10 per podcast episode through Patreon! You may have noticed that In the podcast Scott says $5 per episode, but that's because he's an idiot. You can check out Croey's (Corey's) YouTube channel here
Speaking of Patreon, we are 41% of the way towards our goal of $100 per episode! On the historic day that we will inevitably hit that landmark, we will begin producing weekly episodes of the Ancap Barber Shop! 
Scott tries his hand at joke writing, but hasn't figured out punch lines just yet. You can judge for yourselves...
The live stream chat was very lively this episode. We appreciate everyone that was able to participate and would encourage you to look out for the stream in the future! We typically record every other Monday ARRRRRROOOOUUUUNNNNNNDDDD 7pm CST, although we're not FULLY committed to a particular time.
No Dave and Tanner this episode. DEM BOYS ON THIN ICE.
Goddamn, Scott is still trying his jokes out...
So apparently Venezuela has created its own state-sanctioned "Crypto" currency by order of president Nicolas Maduro. CNN reports:
"Trump signed an executive order banning US citizens from buying Venezuela's newly created cryptocurrency, the petro, the world's first sovereign digital currency. Trump considers Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro a dictator. Venezuela is in the midst of an unprecedented economic and humanitarian crisis in Latin America. Maduro is seeking re-election in May.The measure comes after the Trump administration banned American investors from buying newly issued Venezuelan bonds from either the government or the state-run oil company, PDVSA. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is also meeting Monday with Latin American leaders at the G20 meetings in Buenos Aires, where Venezuela will be a topic of discussion. Maduro drummed up the petro as a way for his administration to tap foreign investment amid the initial wave of US financial sanctions. The petro went on sale in private auctions in February."
You can read the full article at
In other news, some dipstick state-rep from Alabama says teachers shouldn't be armed because they're mostly women, and women aren't comfortable carrying guns. The "Original" Ancap Barber Boys take a few stabs at Harry Shiver (Metaphorically speaking of course) and dissect the situation. The 
article they reference can be found at
We're glad that you guys are still with us during our thirty-eighth episode, and we hope you had a good time listening. As always, WORMS!
Mar 8, 2018

Hey everybody! In this episode, we are LIVE for the first time from the new and improved Martin Shkreli Studios! We discuss the arrest of Matthew Qualls, which occurred on February 22nd, 4 days after publicly criticizing Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin and Hillary Clinton supporters spamming pro Bernie Sanders facebook groups with child pornography.

No book club this fortnight, we will pick up at chapter three of Anatomy of the State next episode. 
We decided to shout a couple of our listeners out this episode, beginning with Phil Surdam, a man who likes to blow glass and eat ass. Hell yeah Phil, we like that shit here. Also, Joe E was kind enough to give us some feedback, which we greatly appreciate. You go, Joe! Speaking of feedback, you can send yours to if you like! We would love to hear from you.
We proceed to read a few reviews that we may have missed here and there. You should leave us a review on your podcatcher, a 5-star rating wouldn't be too shabby either. If you have submitted a review and haven't heard it yet it's not my fault, somebody else fucked it up. Send us a message and we'll get it straightened out.
We discuss the arrest of Matthew Qualls, which occurred on February 22nd, 4 days after publicly criticizing Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin. Qualls had done some lawn work for the asshole sheriff and was paid with checks indicating "Sheriff Todd Entrekin Food Provision Account" in the upper lefthand corner. There is a law in Alabama that can be interpreted to allow local sheriffs to personally pocket leftover funds that are allocated to feed prisoners. If this shit isn't fucked up enough, they are trying to charge him with trafficking based on the weight of the cannabis-infused butter he was apparently caught making, which lead to his arrest. The below quote from Phil Sims (deputy commander of the Etowah County drug enforcement unit) sums the situation up perfectly.  
"Once that marijuana was mixed with the butter then the whole butter becomes marijuana, and that's what we weighed,"
Jesus Christ Phil get, your shit together. This is one of the most retarded things I've ever read. Matthew "Butter Alchemist" Qualls remains in a cage for the crime of cooking weed butter.
You can find a few good articles put out regarding the matter below:
We wrap this cast up yakkin' about Hillary Clinton supporters spamming pro-Bernie Sanders facebook groups with child pornography.
We can't make this shit up folks. We're neither that smart or creative.
We hope you enjoyed this edition of the Ancap Barber Shop. Worms!
Feb 22, 2018
Hey guys, in this episode Scott breaks down the Parkland Florida shooting. At this point, I'm sure everyone knows that on February 14th, 2018, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 people, mostly teenagers, at Marjory Stoneman High School. Scott offers his analysis by his lonesome due to the rest of the boys being stuck at work. 
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Scott starts by recounting the events of the day as reported by CNN. You can read the article here
Every time there is a similar shooting people ask the same questions. "Why did this happen?" as well as "How can we prevent this from happening again?"

The naive answer to either question is "Because of guns." and "By banning or further regulating guns." respectively. One might wonder why our grandparents were presumably spared the rash of mass shootings we see today. They certainly had guns, including semi-automatic rifles, and they had far more lax firearms regulations. Is it because of psychotropic medication? Is it because of gun free zones? Is it because of an inherent tendency in our culture? Is it because the security measures we have in place are monopolized, or all of the above? To that end, why would we ever allow our children to be gathered together without some form of effective security? Why would we create laws prohibiting the protection of our children? 
In this instance one thing is overwhelmingly clear, government has failed us and our loved ones at every level. From the FBI to the Sheriff's office, to the schools. They have failed us miserably, they, have the blood of children on their hands, and we are forced to pay their salaries and fund their pet projects at the threat of violence. Fuck them... Fuck them in the neck...
The remaining articles Scott references throughout this podcast can be found below:
Hopefully, there is some better news next time we are in the Ancap Barber Shop. Worms...    
Feb 8, 2018
It's once again time for the Ancap Barber Shop! In the 35th episode, we are discussing the privatization of police and the second women's march. 
But first, did you know that Pax Libertas has a new show? Check out the AnarchoChristian podcast at
The February live stream will be an AMA. Send your questions to or post them in the FB group.
We start off by sampling some of Yak-Man Nick Hazleton's world-famous Yak Jerky he was kind enough to send us, it was really good! We then move on to our Ancap Barber book club segment, discussing chapter two of "Anatomy of the State" by Murray Rothbard, What the state is. We will next discuss chapter 3: How the state preserves itself. You can get the free PDF or audiobook at
Adam recounts a moment early in his libertarian life where he and Scott had a discussion about areas of Mexico that were primarily controlled by mobs. Adam asks Scott if he thinks they need government to control their lives instead, to which Scott replies "They already have too many governments." Real fuckin deep Scott. Dave retorts with some concerns about our governmental situation likely being better than mob-run areas of Mexico, to which Scott begrudgingly concedes. 
We continue on discussing the privatization of police. Scott reads an excerpt from "For A New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto" also by Murray Rothbard. If you haven't read it, we recommend it, and you can get the book for free here
Dave and Scott have an exchange about the economic principles of price gouging.
Scott also reads from "The Machinery of Freedom" by David Friedman. It's really good as well, and you can read it for free here.
By the way, have you checked our Patreon out yet? Go to to see all of our ancap goodness. Prior to recording this episode we recorded a patron exclusive episode of "The Ancap Barber Shop" for all levels of our patronage, as well as the inaugural episode of "A Little Off The Top", for our patrons at the gentleman's cut level and up. (That's $5 per podcast episode)
The Ancap Barber Boys wrap up this segment by discussing the Detroit Threat Management Center, which is a private police firm operating in Detroit that was created by Commander Dale Brown.
You can find their website at, as well as Commander Brown's appearance at
Finally, the boys finish the show off with a segment from Dave about the second women's march, AKA the angry pussy march.
We hope you guys enjoyed this episode and we would love to hear from you at Worms!
Feb 1, 2018
In this fortnight's episode we are discussing Kentucky Fried Chicken's venture into cryptocurrency as well as the philosophy behind self-driving cars, but first, Pax Libertas has added yet another riveting new show to its lineup, One Free Family - a new take on peaceful parenting, with Taylor and James Davis. You can hear the trailer at the beginning of this episode as well as find more information at It's a podcast about peaceful parenting, and from what they've put out so far it's really good, and may eventually rival The Ancap Barber Shop for the title of the objectively best podcast on
Okay, maybe after The Lava Flow... and Resist the Empire... and probably Essential Libertarianism...
Anyhow, we have yet ANOTHER supporter through Patreon. Brian McQuade has jumped in at the Gentleman's Cut level donating $5 per podcast episode! 
Thank you, Brian!!!
You can listen to Brian and Rodger's podcast at (You should, we do.) 
Patreon supporter and former guest Drake Lundstrom had some not so kind words for Dave and Tanner on our Facebook page
We once again briefly dissect our thoughts on standing vs kneeling during the pledge of allegiance, or the national anthem... What do they do at football games again? Either way, we want no part of it (at least not the more tenured contributors to The Ancap Barber Shop. Drake sent us this article for your review and reading pleasure.
We then move on to the first edition of our book club segment where we discuss the first chapter of Anatomy of the State by Murray Rothbard. Make sure and read the second chapter entitled "What the state is." before the next episode. You can find the free PDF or audiobook here
We discuss KFC's brief acceptance of Bitcoin in Canada, and the implications therein. As historical as this moment is, the best aspect of this story has to be the person who ran the FB promo for their "Bitcoin Bucket". Their comment was hilarious to people in the know about crypto trading. You can view the original post here,  as well as the article Scott reads from here.
Finally, Adam spearheads one of our best philosophy segments yet. We discuss the pros and cons of using self-driving cars. There are some surprisingly thoughtful points he brings to the table, and the ethical dilemmas surrounding turning control of our transport over to machines, generate some really good conversation. 
Alright, guys, we appreciate you listening, and please look out for the next edition of The Ancap Barber Shop. Worms!
Jan 27, 2018

In this bonus episode Scott yaks with fellow ancap and crypto lover Jake Bryan. 


Scott, having been a big bad podcaster for a little over a year now didn't think he needed to do a routine sound check

before recording this podcast, resulting in some electronic interference leaking into the final mix. The good folks at 

PAX Libertas Productions would like to assure you that he is being dealt with accordingly...

At the end of the day we think that the information contained in this episode is worth a listen, and we we're able to fix it up a good bit, but you should do so at your own risk.

After praising Dash in episode 33 of the Ancap Barber Shop, some potential issues with the coin have been brought to our attention that are at the very least worth a mention. What's the final verdict on Dash? Let us know by sending us an email at

If you'd to talk to contact Jake, you can do so at  

Jake references a video regarding one of the people that were on the board that created Ripple (XRP).    

The criticisms of Dash we referenced are presented below:

"(1) It was built on fraud; some guy named Evan cloned the Bitcoin code then premined it in his closet for two days while purposefully blocking other miners from submitting blocks. He claimed it was a mistake or a bug after he raked in a couple of million coins. When questioned, he mocks the investor asking the question and acts really weird never really explaining what happened; he implies that he deserved the premined coins because he put "his entire life in the computers in that closet" Video here:

(2) He promised to give them back to the community and he never did; he lied. He now claims that by holding the coins, he is helping the community. Video here:

(3) They lie in their marketing, claiming that it's a totally anonymous and private coin. This is an outright lie and it puts people on the black market in danger. A bunch of smart people from Princetown were able to achieve 100% success in tracing Dash wallets on the network. Dash is not anonymous or private and using it puts you in danger; Do not believe their marketing lies and never use Dash on the black market:

(4)They purposefully created master nodes to lock up a majority of coin supply and artificially increase price so that Evan can own a majority of them and continue to rake in fees from the dumbasses who use his network and making him even more rich by using his original pre-mined coins to extract even more funds from the network users. There are currently 4,766 master nodes on the network, putting 4,766,000 DASH out of circulation out of 7,774,607. Well over half of all DASH in existence is locked up creating artificial scarcity in order to inflate the price so Evan can profit even further.

(5) Evan has a master key that allows him to invalidate all transactions on the network for the previous 24 hours. More details here:…/just_a_reminder_that_dashs_strate…/

(6) Dash is openly being called a scam by some of the best and smartest people in the crypto world.

FluffyPony discussing Dash at length as a scam here:

Charlie Lee: "Dash is trash."

Peter Todd: "Dash is snake oil."

Greg Maxwell: "Dash is not cryptographically secure at all."

Is that enough for you?

If you choose to participate in a coin built on fraud, that is your choice. Dash has made serious gains in price in the last year and if your goal is to turn profits, so be it. I personally cannot support this project for many reasons. Make your choices wisely."

We hope you enjoyed this episode, Worms!

Jan 12, 2018
Hey Guys! It's time for the Ancap Barber Shop yet again!
Co-host Adam is absent from this episode, so Scott, Dave, and Tanner take it away. They've moved back to Scott's house due to the harsh Alabama cold driving them out of Adam's loft. For the first climate-controlled episode in quite a while the ancap barber boys will be discussing Dash and Trump's twitter (yet again). 
The Ancap Barber Shop is starting a book club! We'll begin with "Anatomy of the State" by Murray Rothbard. If you've never read it, it's one of the most widely distributed essays ever penned, or more likely typed, by the enemy of the state. It comes highly recommended and we hope that you will follow along with us by reading the first chapter prior to the release of the next episode, in which we will discuss chapter 1, "What the state is not." You can find a link to the free PDF or audiobook here. Additionally, if you would like to order a paper copy they are very reasonably priced, and you can find them here.
In our first segment, we are discussing Dash. We've included a few links below, including the Wikipedia page, the coinmarketcap profile and a lecture on Dash by Juan Galt at Anarchapulco 2016.
In our second segment, we discuss some of the Twitter beef between the alleged president of the allegedly united states and Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (the northern one, not the more capitalist South Korea). We're wary to even include the links to the articles we read from, due to how "low energy" they are, sad...
Yet here they are, of course:
We hope you enjoy this episode, and please do remember to read the first chapter of "Anatomy of the State". 
lastly, a big THANK YOU!!! to our patrons. 
Jan 5, 2018
Hey everybody! We have the pleasure of bringing you our first holiday special! In this episode, we recount some of the most memorable moments from 2017. 

After finishing up our first year of producing this show, and mere months after launching our Patreon campaign, we are 28% of the way to our first milestone of $100 per episode. We would like to extend a huge thank you to Bruce, our newest patron at the Executive Contour level! People like Bruce make this show possible! Here's a quick reminder of the perks you can receive by supporting us through Patreon
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After a somewhat lengthy introduction segment, Scott, Adam, Dave and Tanner (The Barber Shop Boys) play a game where Adam says the name of the a pop culture icon that passed away in 2017, and the rest of the gang compete to see who can first, successfully demonstrate that they know who the icon is. Nobody performs well, but Scott technically has the most points, making him the winner. We continue on, discussing the #metoo moment and talking about several of the people being accused of alleged sexual misconduct. We additionally talk about Trump's presidency, and "political larping". 
Tanner takes us through some notable moments  in the realm of science... namely Space X, privatized space travel, the first object to come through our solar system being identifiable as originating from outside of our solar system, the Cassini space probe, and the discovery of a large chamber in one of the Egyptian pyramids.  
Finally,  we finish up discussing NFL protests in one of our most confrontational, yet confusing segments yet. We really hope you enjoyed reflecting on 2017 with us, and we look forward to many more years providing content to our listeners and supporters. Murray Christmas, and a Hoppe new year from the contributors of the Ancap Barber Shop and Pax Libertas Productions!
And a happy Capitalismas. 
Dec 15, 2017
We've got a banger of an episode for you tonight, or today or whatever! We start off thanking our new patrons as well as congratulating Scott for his first year off booze down the tube! Don't forget to check out our Patreon and considering donating. We recorded a Patreon episode just prior to recording this one. Panelist Dave Hester's daughter scratched her cornea (shudder) and he and Scott recount a story from the early days of their friendship. We bring up the Alabama band "Pine Hill Haints", Which you can check out here. We start right in on free speech, trying to distinguish the line between "mean words" and threats of violence that may legitimately justify violence. At what point is it morally OK to hit someone over words? What if they use a racial slur? What if someone tells you they are going to get their gun and shoot you? What do you guys think? We'd love to hear your opinion, so send it Tanner brings up fallibilism, (He's too smart for this show).
We recorded this during the Alabama senate election between kid-friendly conservative Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones. What was the result? Does anybody really fucking care? In the words of the great Rodger Paxton, regarding voting "My time would be better spent washing my fucking hair!" Have you ever seen what he looks like?Hint hint, he's bald. 
There were a few shows that got brought up in this episode that are more than worth checking out:
Actual Anarchy  They review and discuss movies from a Rothbardian, libertarian perspective.
Read Rothbard They, well they read Rothbard, and discuss things and what not.
Uncivil Liberty These are some more libertarians from Alabama who have been having all kinds of fun discussing politics and prodding the LPA.
For those of you that are listening, we love and appreciate you! ESPECIALLY our patrons. If you are unable or unwilling to donate via Patreon, please consider sharing our content or leaving us a review and 5 star rating on your podcatcher. Worms! 
Oh yeah,  we briefly discussed some dumb politics article from AL.commie about destroying voting records. You can check it out here.
Nov 30, 2017
Hey Guys! In this episode, we discuss PC culture in comedy. But first, make sure to check out our Facebook page which just received it's 500th like! Our Patreon campaign is in full swing, featuring Super duper secret patron only episodes, live streams, the credit of "Executive Producer of The Ancap Barber Shop" and much, much more... You can find our Patreon at Also a huge thank you to Drake Lundstrom for being our very first patron! Don't forget we love to hear from you guys so send us an email at Tell us if there are any Patreon perks you'd like us to incorporate, send us an anonymous love letter or give us hell for something we fucked up!
In the news segment of this episode, Scott talks about his diet for the first time in a while (he's been actively getting fat for a few months). He's put on about 20 pounds since his initial weight loss of approximately 50 pounds. Below is what he is currently doing:
"-Daily while fasting:
Water, black coffee, unsweet tea
-Daily while eating:
Chicken, broccoli, veggies, eggs, cheese
Whey protein, almond milk, nuts (Lazy keto)      
diet soda in moderation (fuck the haters)
Sugar, grains, fruits, breads, processed foods, Excess fatty foods, excess carbs 
Meal at a sit down restaurant
(No fast food or grubsouth)
N/A beer limit six
Try to get 2 strenuous bike rides in every week
While riding hard some fruit/granola is ok"
Tanner has the opposite problem, he has to monitor what he eats or we will get underweight, lucky POS!
During the main segment, we discuss the validity of PC culture in comedy. Mel Brooks has this to say: 
"I personally would never touch gas chambers or the death of children or Jews at the hands of the Nazis," 
"Everything else is ok."
What do you think? Is there a line that comedians and filmmakers should not cross for a chuckle? 
Feel free to check out the article from tonight's episode here. Worms Y'all! 
Nov 16, 2017
In this episode, we once again discuss net neutrality... this time joined by Drake Lundstrom. We are also joined by Dave and Tanner, and as usual Scott and Adam. Let us know what you thought about the episode by sending us an email at don't forget to like out Facebook page and leave us a review and 5 star rating on your podcatcher. Oh, and check out our Patreon while you're at it!
Nov 9, 2017

In this episode, we are discussing the freedom action strategy "Vonu" with Shane Radliff of the Vonu Podcast. Vonu is the condition or quality of, as well as the action of achieving, an invulnerability to coercion. Etymologically, it is an awkward contraction of the phrase, VOluntary Not vUlnerable (hence, “vonu”). The idea is to become as invulnerable to coercion as HUMANELY possible, from both public coercers (the State) and private coercers (ACTUAL criminals). If you would like to hear more about Vonu you can go to Please don't forget to go and like the Ancap Barber Shop Facebook page! 

Oct 25, 2017

In this episode, we discuss automating congress with special guest Donnie Gebert, but before that, we introduce our new panelists! That's right, after lengthy consideration we are bringing two of our close libertarian friends, Dave Hester and Tanner Cypret into the fold! You may remember Dave from the tenth episode: Rothbard's Natural rights and Euthanasia. You may also remember Tanner from our nineteenth episode: Net Neutrality and artificial intelligence and our twenty-first episode: Seasteading, Determinism and Cocaine.

Donnie has a plan to automate congress, resulting in what he calls a direct republic. His plan involves all "government" programs being funded voluntarily by making everyone their own representative, as well as recording the transactions on the blockchain. They would be able to decide which programs receive funding (if any at all) as well as how much.

He claims that this could be a transitional method of getting away from democracy and that it is minarchistic, because everyone would have to sign a contract. We question this aspect but approve the general concept as a means to abolish taxation and government coercion.

We hope you enjoy this episode and would love to know what you think about it. Send us an email at!

Oct 5, 2017

In this episode, we are joined by fellow "ancap barber" Brandon Griffith. That's right folks, we actually have a barber on the show and we actually talk about cutting hair (and he's actually an anarcho-capitalist). Don't fear if barbering isn't your thing, We go through Brandon's barber journey as well as his struggles with drug addiction. Brandon has recently implemented ibogaine treatment to combat his addiction and the results are tremendous (he stopped using drugs). Listen to hear the full story!

Sep 28, 2017
We discuss the recent controversy surrounding the NFL protests. We recorded a Patreon episode as well, It isn't posted yet but we promise to get it out soon. Scott recently celebrated his 28th birthday. Adam and Scott share a moment of silence for the sake of intentionally bad podcasting. Also discussed in this episode: 
The new "IT" movie.
Recap about Colin Kaepernick.
NFL player protests, and protests against the NFL.
Donald Trump's recent attendance of a Luther Strange rally in Downtown Huntsville.
In our "How to do drugs with Scott and Adam" segment, we discuss PCP. SPOILER ALERT, we don't recommend it, we do however have a cool story about it involving cops and poop (and sausage). There's a new podcast in town, Pax Libertas welcomes "Essential Libertarianism, selected readings from" 
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Sep 15, 2017
Hey everyone! In this episode we are joined by Jim Jesus of the Lolberts! We discuss the origins of the group's name, as well as the correct pronunciation of "General Tso's chicken". We move on to Jim's sophisticated taste in beer as well as his parking lot masturbatory practices. Jim does not waste an opportunity to compare the Ancap Barber Shop to Christopher Cantwell's "Radical Agenda".
The episode organically turns into a competition that nobody officially won. Who do you think is the best? 
What the fuck is post-modernism? (Scott still doesn't know)
What is egoism and who is Max Stirner?
Is the Emoji movie the film adaptation of "the Unique and it's Property"?
Have you ever battered and deep-fried White Castle? Jim Jesus has. 
What's it like to hang out in a legal brothel? 
Which incarnation of "The Tick" do you like best?  
We tackle these questions and more in tonight's podcast. You can find out more about Jim at 
Aug 24, 2017

What are the foundations of libertarianism? We explore that topic this week. Join us!

We start off with a discussion about what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. Scott's baseline position is, "Let's talk thing out and not resort to violence."

Is it appropriate to punch a Nazi in the face for spouting bad ideas?

Christopher Cantwell, the racist from the Vice documentary, is a class A piece of shit nationalist.

Is there a peaceful way to deal with racists? Yep, and folks in Germany have proven it.

We also talk about the situation with national Libertarian Party chairman, Nick Sarwark, attacking Tom Woods out of the blue in a bout of virtue signaling. We think this was a bad move by Sarwark and he should not be alienating libertarian minded individuals.

We now get into the foundations of libertarianism.

What is the non-aggression principle

Libertarians are not pacifists, but we do not believe in initation of agression. We will defend ourselves.

Libertarianism put simply is "don't hurt people and don't take their stuff."

Aug 10, 2017

We talk about moral foundations and useful diversions with Alan Barksdale.

We start off talking about Coinbase reversing their first memo about not supporting Bitcoin Cash at first. Now, they will be supporting Bitcoin Cash by the end of the year. They likely did this due to all of their pissed off customers and the big hit they would have taken for their initial stance on this issue.

Alan Barksdale is the secretary of the Masidon County Libertarian Party.

Moral foundations theory is a social psychological theory intended to explain the origins of and variation in human moral reasoning on the basis of innate, modular foundations. The original theory proposed five such foundations: Care/Harm, Fairness/Cheating, Loyalty/Betrayal, Authority/Subversion, and Sanctity/Degradation; however, its authors envisioned the possibility of including additional foundations.

How to do drugs with Scott and Adam on heroin.

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Aug 2, 2017

Scott interviews medicinal cannabis advocate Seth Green of Greener Pastures Tennessee in this bonus episode.

Seth was born with Cerebral Palsy and started having seizures at age 13. He now has multiple illnesses because of this condition. He wants to give people information on alternative medicine that is out there for people like him.

Cannabis has helped him to get off of over 20 types of medications that were giving him even more seizures and mood swings.

Did John the Baptist use cannabis in the Bible?

Without cannabis, Seth suffers terribly and will have seizures. He typically uses cannabis by ingesting edibles and oil because it works better for his body. He generally stucks to indica strains after a lot of trial and error.

Seth is hoping that the Libertarian Party and new politicians can help Tennessee become a medical cannabis state soon. His goal is to create a grow site or to own a medical cannabis facility.

Find Seth Green on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for more information. Or, you can go to his website.

Jul 28, 2017

We discuss seasteading and determinism this week. And, how to do drugs with Scott and Adam starting with cocaine.

Adam is having car trouble and Scott and his daughter have been sick. What a week!

John McAfee said that if Bitcoin doesn't hit $300,000 in the next three years that he'll eat his dick on live television. We'd love to see that.

Your new favorite Ancap Barber Shop segment, How to Do Drugs With Scott and Adam!

We start with cocaine this week.

Cocaine is bad for your heart and can cause strokes. It is also very addictive as well. Please use cocaine responsibly if you're going to use it.

Make sure to check out the Harm Reduction Coalition for more information.

What is seasteading and why is it important? "Seasteading is the concept of creating permanent dwellings at sea, called seasteads, outside the territory claimed by any government."

We talk about a couple of articles from Steemit. The first is "The value of creating micro-nations on the oceans - a simple case for Seasteading."

The other article from Steemit is "Why All Seasteads will be Anarcho-Capitalist."

Will all seasteads be anarcho-capitalist?

We also talk about the Marinea Project. They have a podcast out talking about the project.

Make sure to check out The LAVA Flow!

Tanner from episode 19, Net Neutrality and AI, joins us to talk about determinism. Determinism is the belief that all events that happen, either in our brain or they happen to us, are caused by past events so that nothing other than what occurred could have occurred. Using this argument this means we have no control or free will.

What is the difference between determinism and fatalism? How do you view evil people if everything they do is pre-determined?

Jul 14, 2017

We discuss Ross Ubricht and the Silk Road.

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Oregon is poised to decriminalize meth, cocaine, and heroin.

Chelsea Manning is apparently pro-taxes. Stockholm Syndrome? The anarchist Twitter stream was having none of it!

Scott and Adam met Lyn Ulbricht, mother of Ross Ulbricht, and his sister at PorcFest this year. Help them out at the Free Ross website.

Ross's three life sentences appeal was denied by a federal appeals court back in May.

We talk about this whole case along with some interesting information. Were there crooked agents involved with this? Who accessed the Dred Pirate Roberts account after Ross was in jail? Who stole Bitcoin from the Silk Road?

Check out Yakkin’ with Nick! 

The last legal avenue will be to pursue an appeal to the US Supreme Court, which is a one-in-a-million shot.

And, finally, Scott does take Rodger's side on the Net Neutrality debate, and Adam is fired from the Pax Libertas Productions network (not really) because he's no longer a libertarian (not really) because he supports net neutrality!

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