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Nov 28, 2019

Hey Everyone, in this episode we talk comedian Shane Gillis being fired from SNL and the ATF's involvement in the Siege at Waco, TX. This episode begins now!

What up! Sorry, it's been a minute, etc. so on and so forth.

We start out talking about comedian and podcaster Shane Gillis being fired from Saturday Night Live for being a bad bad boy. SNL hired Shane along with two other folks and he was pretty much fired immediately after professional coward and tattle-tale Seth Simons wrote an article about OG big dawg Gillis using a racial slur to reference Chinese-Americans while impersonating an early American immigration worker sending the Asians to China town. He was doing a character in the context of a comedy podcast and was in no way doing anything genuinely racist.

He said a no-no word in an off the cuff joke. I'm more annoyed at Simons (bird poet) than anything, but I really don't understand why these studios pander to adult-aged children. Remember Chapelle's show? Come on folks chill the fuck out.

OH wait you know who annoys me more than ultra woke diaper-wearing Seth Simons? Christopher Tidus. He came out hard against king bull Shane Gillis calling him a "Bro douche weak as fuck mama's boy" for no apparent reason other than to draw attention to himself. He made fun of Asian accents in a past tweet tho, making him a hypocrite and a prick. So yeah fuck him.

So, to sum up, I almost had a reason to tune in to Saturday Night Live, being a fan of Gillis for some time, but no fucking point now.

The rest of the segment involves laughing at Shane's jokes as referenced in Seth's article.

Alright onto the ATF stuff, last time we talked about Ruby Ridge, this time we're covering the Waco shit.

The Branch Davidian was a religious cult controlled by a dude named David Koresh, who wasn't a particularly good dude.

I'm not an expert but I think he liked to slay sniz young and old. I shouldn't make light of allegedly sexually abusing children, and it's important to note that the cult may have condoned behavior that really isn't cool. The ATF got involved because the Branch Davidian was buying firearms in bulk at gun shows, bypassing firearm sales tax. Apparently the ATF showed up at the compound and shot a guy in the eyes, heart, and back. According to the Davidians, an ATF agent misfired their weapon and sparked the ensuing battle, according to the ATF they were fired upon first by the Davidians, so who knows. After a while, the FBI came in and took over. It's interesting to note that one of the folks in authority from the FBI, Richie Rogers, was reprimanded for his involvement in the previously discussed by us, the siege of Ruby Ridge.

The FBI would broadcast via loudspeaker various unnerving sounds including the sounds of rabbits being slaughtered to keep the Davidians from falling asleep.

I just realized I confused UB40 and Elvis. Whoops, that's pretty stupid.

According to one of the survivors David Koresh was indeed a sexual predator, and was described by her father as "A man of purely evil intent". So that's worth taking into account.

Adam points out that the members of the cult distinct of Koresh, while complicit in some really fucked up stuff to one degree or another, were largely victims of abuse.

During the month of April 1993, Bill Clinton gave the order to attack the compound. The FBI allegedly shot flammable tear gas canisters into the compound which started a huge fire that killed everybody still inside.

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Nov 7, 2019

In this one we're discussing Kermit the frog being responsible for 9/11, cancel culture, the meaning of "LGBTQ", and the ATF's siege on Ruby Ridge. Strap in and get ready for the Ancap Barber Shop!

I fucked up and said "gay" really early in the episode so hopefully, we don't cancelled.

Skoal, when are you sponsoring an episode of the cast? Do you get into politics or what? Shouts out to Skoal.

Oh yeah apparently at least according to Adam Kermit had something to do with 9/11. In one of the movies that took place post 9/11 there was a part showing what the world would be like had Kermit not existed. Lo and behold as they show the skyline of New York City (or as Adam likes to call it "Jew York City") the twin towers can be seen proudly standing and not 9/11'd.

Goddamn, what are we doing here folks?

Is it a butterfly effect or did Kermit play a direct role in the attack on the world trade center?

Adam seems to think Kermit may have trained the terrorists himself or taught them to fly the plane.

Adam reveals his source to be Reddit. You should never give up your sources coward.

Adam has been really impressing me with his research abilities. He's been bringing the heat as far as content goes.

BTW Squee died so RIP brother. Once Again there is talk of Dave's return to the cast. Return of the motherfucking king baby!

Oh yeah fuck Christopher Tidus, more on that next episode.

Once again apologizing for my laziness and lackluster podcasting work ethic.

If you haven't you should check out our patreon campaign at

Adam talks about the ATF in depth. Specifically the siege on Ruby Ridge.

Randy Weaver was in some type of white nationalist group where he was approached by an unbeknownst to him undercover ATF agent. I think his name was Kevin Faderly and he was posing as a biker named Gus. He told Randy he was an illegal firearms dealer. Sometime down the road Faderly asked Randy to sell him two shotguns. He requested that Randy cut the barrels to an arbitrary but illegal length, undoubtedly entrapping him. Randy being a dumb hillbilly obliged him, breaking the stupid law. Later on, Randy was approached by ATF agents claiming they had evidence that he had sold illegal firearms. They offer to cut him a break if he becomes an informant and help them infiltrate the Aryan Nation. Randy refuses like a boss and is immediately arrested. He received a letter with an inaccurate court date, causing him to miss the court date. He decides to shut himself in his home.

The official conflict starts with federal agents invading his property. A year into the "kerfuffle" some of the agents who had been ordered to survey the property got a bit too close and heard the Weaver's dogs barking. It's not clear what happened next but there was a shoot out resulting in the death of one of the dogs, a U.S. marshal and Randy's 14-year-old son, Sammy. A day later a sniper is posed near to the house meaning to end the conflict by killing Randy. The sniper shot and hit Randy in the shoulder. He takes a second shot, missing again, and striking Randy's wife in the head killing her instantly while she held her 10-month-old daughter.

400 agents surrounded the house mocking the Weavers, calling the house "Fort Vickie" after Randy's murdered wife.

It's important to remember that while Randy Weaver may not have been a model citizen, all of this was over 2 sawed-off shotguns. Not a warehouse full of illegal guns or meth. Not over hate crimes that Randy committed. 2 hunting guns.

Wow, that got heavy. Also Randy didn't go to prison. He was awarded a hefty sum of money for his troubles by the state.

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Bye bye.

Oct 17, 2019

Hey Everybody, in this one we're interviewing libertarian presidential candidate Adam Kokesh. We had a good time on this cast and we hope you enjoy listening to it. I know we say it a lot, but you REALLY don't want to miss this one.

Adam Kokesh was on this one but Adam Brown couldn't make it so the ever faithful and resilient Elijah Boyd occupied his chair. Big props to Elijah.

Here's a little about Adam:

Adam Kokesh was born on February 1, 1982 in California. Growing up he played sports every season and read numerous books at the encouragement of his parents. His interest in science and technology led him to many science fair victories and NASA's Space Camp. After middle school, where he played trumpet in the band and basketball, at the encouragement of a friend of a parent who was a former Marine, he went to "Devil Pups," a junior boot camp-style citizenship and fitness program hosted by the Marines at Camp Pendleton. In high school he participated in Model UN, taught silversmithing classes, and founded a campus radio station. During the summers he worked at a print shop and with horses. He is the only non-native to graduate from the Native American Preparatory School formerly of San Miguel County, New Mexico. He received his bachelor's degree in Psychology from Claremont McKenna College where he played rugby, sang in the choir, and competed with the ballroom dance team.

Adam's grandfather, Charles Henry Kokesh, was a pilot in World War II as one of the "Flying Sergeants," was awarded a Silver Star, and was nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor. Inspired by this and and the Marines he met in Devil Pups, Adam enlisted in the Marines while still in high school at the age of 17. He completed boot camp and Marine Combat Training in San Diego, Field Artillery School at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, and NBC Training (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) in Texas. He was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal for his work as a Recruiter's Assistant and played for the All-Marine Rugby Team. He volunteered to go to Fallujah in 2004 with a Marine Corps Civil Affairs team where he was meritoriously promoted to Sergeant. For his tour he received a Navy Commendation Medal and Combat Action Ribbon.

In 2007, Kokesh joined Iraq Veterans Against the War and helped bring the organization to national prominence as its most visible leader. He first came to national attention for holding up a score card during Alberto Gonzales' testimony to Congress regarding the dismissal of U.S. Attorneys keeping track of how many times he said, "I don't recall." His photograph appeared in many national newspapers and resulted in dozens of TV interviews. He was later to become the story himself when prosecuted unlawfully by the Marine Corps (while he was in the inactive reserves) for staging a street theater protest that included a mock combat patrol, "to bring a small piece of the reality of war home to Washington, DC."

Adam was an active supporter of Ron Paul and would eventually come to found and lead Veterans for Ron Paul, organizing a stunning march on the White House for vets to turn their back on Obama and raise awareness about military suicide. He was invited to speak at the 2008 Revolution March in DC organized by grassroots Ron Paul supporters and his speech that day is what put him on the map as a promising representative of the freedom movement.

After the debate on Iraq was won, Adam turned his attention to other freedom causes and continued his effective advocacy, organizing, and civil disobedience. He has been arrested over three dozen times for protesting, smoking cannabis, not smoking cannabis, cursing, filming on the sidewalk, and even dancing.

Adam first began his career in media with the birth of ADAM VS THE MAN as a radio show in Albuquerque on KIVA in 2010. After six months it was picked up as a TV show for RT America. After four months on the air, he was fired for criticizing Putin and went independent online to focus on podcasting and YouTube, where he has over 60 million views. He is well known for using Nonviolent Communication and Socratic Dialogue techniques in his "man on the street" videos. Recently he has shifted focus to blockchain-based social media and is very active as a promoter of Steemit where he releases exclusive content.

While in jail in Washington, DC in 2013, he began writing FREEDOM!, now considered a "bible for voluntaryism." The book is in its fourth printing and has been downloaded over 2 million times. With the platform he has built for himself, he was able to successfully self-publish and make it available for free in every digital format possible including audiobook. In a jailhouse interview with Fox 5 DC during that time, Kokesh announced his plans to run for President of the United States in 2020 on a platform of an orderly, peaceful, and responsible dissolution of the U.S. Federal Government. He is currently working on his second book, a war memoir titled, "Hot, Dirty, & Dangerous - How seven months in Fallujah challenged my patriotism." His third book, "American Freedom!" will detail the platform of dissolving the federal government and is scheduled to come out soon. One of the reasons for his success is his commitment to doing a national tour hitting 100+ cities every year. FREEDOM! was officially endorsed by the US Department of Justice when they banned it from federal prison facilities, declaring "the entire publication" to be, "a threat to the good order and discipline of the institution."

Wow so maybe that was A LOT about Adam.

Adam was one of the speakers at the Boston Straight Pride Parade. It seems strange to have speakers at a parade doesn't it? For the purpose of these show notes we'll refer to it as the "Boston Straight Pride Gathering of Straight People and Allies of Heterosexuality" Yeah that's better.

Adam's speech was really good. His message was loosely "Don't fall for the divide and conquer tactics of the cunty culture war". He ended up getting kicked off stage before he could finish the speech because he said a bunch of anti-government stuff and the people that put the event on didn't appreciate it. One guy that seemed particularly miffed had a really cool tri point hat. I would like to own that hat but I wouldn't wear it anywhere out of shame. Just for at home.

Here's the video.

Anyhow it was a good interview and you should probably just listen to it.

Here's a list of Adam's links:

Here's some links for Elijah:

Well I think that about wraps her up. We hope you enjoyed this one, and if you did you should like our facebook page, Instagram and Patreon

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Oct 3, 2019

In this one, we're talking about astrology, bigfoot, suicide cults, Dave Chapelle's new comedy special and new Jeffrey Epstein news. Strap in and get ready, you don't want to miss this one!

What up fools! It's time for the show notes that go along with the Ancap Barber Shop Greatest Podcast On Earth Podcast and if you've ever taken the time to read the show notes you're a true fan, you're close to my heart and you know that they're a show of their own. This ship sails it's own seas, yeah. So sorry it's been a while and I haven't put this one out. Shit gets real out here in the streets and it's tough to make it on a podcaster's salary so to maintain the lifestyle I've grown accustomed to (canned sausages, Skoal, and non-alcoholic beers) sometimes we have to focus on other, more boring things. So anyways on to the show...

A very dedicated unnamed fan left a convoluted voicemail and I didn't pay attention to most of it except for the part where he said that the Ancap Barber Shop was the greatest podcast on earth and the parts where he tried to pimp some less savory, however commercially VIABLE libertarian podcasts. Come on guys don't do that shit. Anyways sorry we talked over it so much but we spent a lot of time getting through it so good for you fella if that's what you're into.

Lol Chris Sprangle.

Damn, we need to get Dave on soon to talk about all this Shane Gillis shit. If you don't know Shane is a Philly/NY comic that I've been a big fan of for a few years. He just got a job as a cast member of SNL but lost the gig because a few hours after the announcement some busybody found an ep of Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast where Shane did a really funny Asian voice and used a bad bad racial slur. Dave and I have been following the story so yeah, we'll talk about it.

Somebody left us another VM in a different language. It sounded like a hex to me, which may have something to do with us not putting out a hawt cast for a minute. Who Knows.

Another crummy voicemail.

Oh yeah, this is the one where we roasted astrology a bunch. Damn that's some crazy shit to believe. We did check out our horoscopes and mine was pretty stupid. To be honest Adam's was on point though.

I'm a Virgo and Adam's something else.

We move on to talk about Dave Chapelle's new comedy special "Sticks and Stones". It's really offensive and it's really funny. Chapelle is the GOAT!

We finish up talking about a drone pic that was maybe recently taken over Jeffrey Epstein's island... Baby Saint James' Island? Pedophile Island? Anyways it was a picture of a dude who was a dead ringer for Jeff Ep himself. I don't know man, pretty weird stuff.

Hey so watch out for the next one coming out. We interview Adam Kokesh and it's a sick ass interview.

Also, Adam made a twitter. It's downtownadambrown but he doesn't know how it's spelled so good luck.

Well, I think that about wraps her up. We hope you enjoyed this one, and if you did you should like our facebook page, Instagram and Patreon.

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Thanks and bye.

Aug 29, 2019

Hey Y'all, In this one we're talking about people that believe in horoscopes, Jeffrey Epstein, Democratic debates, a few Joe Biden slip-ups, and Chuck Berry. Listen, this one is really good and if nothing else skip to the end and check out the Chuck Berry stuff, you won't be disappointed. Oh yeah, we review a candy bar too. I forget what it's called but it's like a bougie version of a Twix and you should check it out. Listen to the podcast.

Adam starts off ripping into people that believe in horoscopes and I'd like to say something along the lines of "Adam is really mean for giving these people such a hard time." but honestly I'm with him, horoscopes are real nutty and so are the people that believe in them.

We just recorded a sick Patreon cast about the "Men in Black" which had something to do with aliens and the blues brothers. You should check it out at

Some real low energy tricksters have been leaving voicemails saying that Adam's impressions are better than mine and I'm less than impressed that these keyboard warrior beta-cuck losers are doing so anonymously. I doubt they even listen to the show and they're lucky I even played that shit here. If you'd like to defend my honor leave a voicemail at 256-607-3197.

I'm watching "The Meg" while I'm typing this and I gotta say that I really like Jason Statham. I know that's probably not a boiling hot take but I just saw "Snatch" and "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" and they're both really good. IDK man Jason Statham just seems like a really capable guy and he has a cool accent and whatnot. I'm usually not behind on good ass movies but I missed those two. Is "Crank" good? I haven't seen that one.

Do you guys think Jeff Ep was into human sacrifices and shit? It seems like if you're running child prostitution rings for world leaders and shit you might be into other weird shit. Who fuckin knows.

Goddamn Adam is annoying when he tries to do voices. Honestly, you can just skip past the Jeffrey Epstein shit Adam ruined it.

I guess the tattooed greasy-haired chick in "The Meg" is pretty hot.

Monarchies are fucking stupid and gay as fuck.

Back to the big shark movie, the handsome middle eastern looking actor looks really familiar to me but I can't figure it out. He seems good but Jason Statham is my favorite guy so far. Damn, he is literally in the water with the fuckin shark. Nothing but a snorkel and a spear gun.

Ok, Adam's explaining how snapchat works.

Oh yeah, it's a Hershey's something something cookie crunch. It's a nice treat.

Damn "There's always a bigger fish" lol.

Man Joe Biden is fuckin crackin me up. I think there have been more clips like these that have come out since this recording as well. Joe's killing it.

Damn me and Adam watch the Chuck Berry sex tape and he farts in the middle of pissing in a hooker's mouth. What else can I say?

Well, I think that about wraps her up. We hope you enjoyed this one, and if you did you should like our facebook page, Instagram and Patreon.

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Thanks and bye.

Aug 1, 2019

Hey Everybody, in this one we're talking Vermin Supreme, "bedroom" advice, commercial Jingles, Encyclopedia Dramatica and cops getting caught making up bogus charges for legal gun owners for, legally carrying guns. Get ready to listen to the recently dubbed, "Greatest podcast on planet Earth", by... someone.   


First off Adam wants to start a band, or at least has a fantasy of starting a band that only plays commercial jingles. It's a pretty good idea I think but he does say "local commercials" while we're talking about O'reillys Auto Parts, which most people know is a national chain. At least I'm pretty sure it is. At the very least it's a regional thing in the southeast. If you live somewhere other than that and you have O'reillys there let me know.


Also good for you, they're a pretty stand up establishment as far as I know. You need car shit and they'll sell it to you for sure, as long as you pay anyhow. I have a 2007 ZX3 which sounds like a faggy import but it's not. It's a Ford Focus. It's the three door... two doors and a hatchback technically, which is where the "3" in "ZX3" comes from. Not real sure about the "ZX" part though. Point is I've had to put three fucking alternators in that fucking car since I bought it in 2009. Alternators are easy in a a lot of cars, they put it right on top. You just undo the belt thing and switch out the alternator. Get it tested at O'reillys (for free by the way), they'll tell you it's fucked up and sell you a new one. Always take them the alternator first, don't just buy a new one cause they knock like 20-40 bucks off if you leave them the old one cause they rebuild it. Well, the mexicans rebuild it, which I'm fine with. We love the lads on this show. Goddamit back to the story. On a 2007 Ford Focus the alternator is right in the middle of the engine. Not close to the top or the bottom, so you have to take half the car apart to get that heavy fucker out. Oh shit I should probably tell you to disconnect the battery before doing anything. I hope this isn't where you're coming to figure out how to swap out an alternator on a 2007 Ford Focus but at this point I've explained half of it so here goes. Undo the battery, I think the airbox thing next, loosen up the lines that carry the window washer fluid so they can moved easily, take the heat shield off, which is the shittiest part probably because the bolts at the bottom are hard as fuck to get to, which isn't a big deal after you get it off because you're going to lose half the bolts anyway. Undo the belt by rotating the tensioner pulley with two wrenches linked together for leverage. If I knew how to put a pic of what I'm talking about here I would, but I don't know how to do that so good luck figuring it out. Wait what about this:


                                                                x     x

                                                              x          x








                                                                    x         x

                                                                      x  x  x  x

                                                                       x          x








                                                                    x        x



That should do. There's a pretty decent chance that once I email this to Pax Libertas and they do whatever they do with it it might get jumbled up and not make any sense but I drew a picture of two wrenches linked up together out of Xs. Kind of proud of it TBH. 


So next you're gonna want to unhook the wire harness and the ground cable from the alternator. It's might be a bitch to get the tab thingy hookup undone but try not to break it cause I don't know how to fix that, but I'm sure it's complicated and you'll probably fuck your car up if you put the new one on wrong. Undo all the bolts and start working that heavy fucker out (through the top). I think I already explained to take it to O'reillys and get it tested and buy a new one, so after that put it back together in reverse order. Just do the best with your heat shield and the missing bolt situation, it'll probably stay on there. Then you're good to go most likely. I think you're supposed to do some shit with your AC to reset the idle but I don't usually fuck with it.


Anyway one time I got an alternator from O'reilly's and it stopped six months later. They replaced it under warranty and didn't even want to know who I was or see a receipt.


So shouts Out to O'reillys.


Also, fuck Adam. He read the show notes on the last ep and didn't like me making fun of him so I'm pretty sure he had his friends leave some mean voicemails about me. You'll hear those next episode.

Fuck you Adam my impressions are much better than yours.


I should probably make it clear that I'm not a mechanic and you definitely shouldn't take any kind of advice from me.


I guess now we're doing sound checks and fixing mic stands during the show so sorry.


I know it's kind of hack to say this but fuck telemarketers. 


 Oh yeah I hung out with Dave a while back and we danced to rap music out in his shed for a few hours. Damn that was a fun day. I love dancing to rap music.


We figured out that this is the greatest podcast on planet earth. Damn boys we made it.


We recently put out one of our best Patreon episodes. Honestly at this point the Patreon episodes are much better than the free ones so check them out


Adam actually had a pretty good idea with the monthly Pax Libertas highlights reel. It only works if we're not in it though.


Adam has been doing an experiment where he wears socks during intercourse. He says it's somehow better but all I can think about is him nude save for his stocking feet.


Also if you're having a hard time with early pops in the bedroom do this. When you get close start thinking about Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson having a conversation on his podcast and it will distract you enough to push though. I swear to god it works every time. 


Well I think I've written enough. I don't remember what else we talked about so you'll just have to listen. I bet it's some high quality conversation though.


Well I think that about wraps her up. We hope you enjoyed this one, and if you did you should like our Facebook pageInstagram and Patreon.


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Thanks and bye. 

Jul 11, 2019

Hey everybody, Welcome to the sixty-first episode of the Ancap Barber Shop. In this one we talk Long John Silver's conspiracies, Black Mirror season three and steamy sub-reddits about certain body parts that resemble Homer Simpson's face. This cast is not for little babies so if you think you're ready, go ahead and hit play.


So we start with some stretching on this one. I pushed Adam's leg into his chest but it was hardly perpendicular to his body before he started crying like a little bitch. We discussed whether or not it was manly to be good at stretching and concluded that stretching and/or being good at stretching is pretty gay.


Fuck there were some good contenders for the episode title in this one. The leader was "Blacked" Mirror, boys will be boys would have been good too but I had to go with the Long John Silver's thing.


I'm not sure If I used perpendicular correctly or not earlier but I meant the one where it makes a 90 degree angle. As opposed to being parallel I think. 


I re-listened to the 47th episode and Adam was in fact not there so he can't be liable for anything. 


Adam's impressions are not as good as mine.


Honestly if you want to miss Adam's impressions you can skip like the first ten minutes. 


Fuck man I miss Dave. I mean I still see him like once or twice a month but I wish he would come on a hawt cast with us. I'll try to make that happen soon.


We're talking about how much my four year old says curses. I think she knows all the good ones. I wouldn't really care except that I don't want her to do it at school and get me in trouble. I honestly don't cuss around her anymore but I can't get my wife's friends to stop doing it. They keep forgetting and fucking up in front of my kid and now she says shit and fuck all the time. 


Oh shit I forgot about that episode of Black mirror. I'm pretty sure I had a stroke of genius with the episode name or the title or whatever. I'm worried it might go over some of your heads so here it is. It's the porn site black dot com and the show black mirror. It would work better if there was a mandingo gang bang in the new season instead of gay ebony VR stuff but I think it's plenty serviceable. 


*EDIT I changed the name of the ep.


Oh fuck this episode was the origin of the "I want-a to be back in a-my momma's a-pooooossy" stuff. Hell yeah. 


Adam hits me with some sort of conspiracy about Long John's Silver's the fish restaurant. I don't remember what it was but we also looked at the reddit page R/simp which is a page where you can look at pussies that look like Homer Simpson's mouth. You have to be 18 to view the page so no fucking lying boys simps ain't for goddamn babies. 


Oh yeah he says "Longs Johns Silver's is a large scale marijuana money laundering operation". I'm not going to explain it here because Adam does the research but I write the show notes. Honestly I don't think anyone reads these. Surely no one listens to the show and reads these. If you did you're fucking stupid just listen to the goddamn podcast. I may use these show notes to preemptively publish a manifesto I've been working on. So if anyone does read these please send me a DM or something.


Fuck if you do read these leave a fucking voicemail. 256-607-3197.


I don't think the Long John Silver's stuff is very good because I couldn't pay attention when Adam was telling me about it and honestly I'm kind of fading now. 


I was joking about the manifesto thing obviously.


Well I think that about wraps her up. We hope you enjoyed this one, and if you did you should like our Facebook pageInstagram and Patreon.


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Later tator. 

Jun 27, 2019

In this sixtieth episode, we're talking abortion, chiropractors and we play a game where we guess whether a headline from a news article is sincere or satire. Strap in and get ready, cause this podcast has two people talking into microphones.  


Yeah Boi. What's up with the Walmart making my swimming trunks short and making me feel gay? Adam says the most attractive part of a man's body is his thighs. Not sure how comfortable I am with that.


FYI, me and Erika recorded a Patreon episode that was all about anime so it's probably pretty good that it came out sounding like shit cause we scrapped it. 


Abortion is in the news with Alabama, among other states, making it illegal to provide one. I'm sure everyone has been waiting to hear our takes so here we go. Abortion is sick and making abortion illegal is pretty gay. 


I was a good boy feminist and went to the local pro-choice rally. It was pretty cool and what not. There was a lot of people there yada yada. 


I had an article pulled up about something but my daughter was watching paw patrol on it so we didn't read it. 


Damn I'm listening to the episode while I write the show notes and I gotta say, this was a pretty hawt cast. Only the hawtest of casts for the biggest of dawgs. You guys are awesome for listening. 


I started going to the chiropractor despite my libertarian training (Penn and Teller's BULLSHIT!) and it worked pretty well. It's been about a month now and my back hurts pretty bad but I probably just need to go back again. So if your back hurts I'd try a chiropractor.


We finish up by playing a game where Adam reads me the headline from a news article and I guess whether or not it was an onion article. I think he got a point when I was wrong and I got a point when I guessed correctly. I think I remember winning, I can't keep listening to find out right now because my wife just got back from the store and I have to carry groceries in...


Well I think that about wraps her up. We hope you enjoyed this one, and if you did you should like our Facebook pageInstagram and Patreon.


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Later tator. 

May 23, 2019

Hey Everybody, the long-awaited episode fifty-nine is here! In this one, we talk about voting in Alabama by location, Julian Assange, Brody Dalle from the distillers and Bama boi Charles Barkley.

We started off talking about how hawt and sexy Brody Dalle from the Distillers is (and was when I was 14), most of it got cut though because we were listening to music in the background. For some reason, we thought it would be OK if we talked over it but I got scared and deleted it. I'm sure everyone can appreciate stuff like that. Also, we tried doing the podcast standing up this time and it helped a lot. 

Soundboards down because I converted all the clips to the wrong format and I haven't fixed it yet. Sorry about that.

We discuss which holidays we would get rid of if we could. The list includes:

Mother's day

Father's day


Greek Easter

President's day

Labor day

Valentine's day


Probably more too if we thought about it. Let us know which holidays you don't like at 

I'm sure people would think it was cool of you posted about it on our Facebook wall. You can be like "I don't like Labor Day very much" and we'll be like "Yeah you go girl". 

I would feel bad about getting rid of Halloween because Dave likes it so much though.

We did disagree about Independence Day. Adam doesn't like it but I live for 1776 lol. Adam has some good points though. Like you can grill out any day you want, and fireworks are stupid. Pretty solid for real. Fireworks are kinda stupid.

Adam used to date a girl that was a foot taller than him and he had to stand on his tiptoes to kiss lol.

It's the gayest way a man can kiss a woman and Adam did it probably more than once.

So Adam blows my mind Joe Rogan style with this "black belt of Alabama" shit. Basically, there were something like mineral deposits or fossils that were concentrated in a "belt" running east to west across the state that lead to rich soil. It's called the black belt because of rich soil, not black people but that's what's going on. Sharecroppers settled heavily in the area and fast forward to now and people in the area vote overwhelmingly democrat. It all sounds pretty racist to me but get mad at Adam, it's his content. 

Charles Barkley is a strooooong black conservative. 

Also, we love the lads.

We talk about planning a Hispanic themed episode to pander to our fanbase. We don't have anything locked in but we'll probably plan something out for you guys.

If you know the latest on Jussie Smollett leave us a voicemail at 256-607-3197. We'll believe anything you say probably, we haven't kept up with the story very well.

We're still standing up.

I should probably say we spend a fair amount of time talking about our kinks as well as the kink/porn communities in this one at different points so if you don't like that stuff sorry, just listen to the next one.

So there are some allegations that Julian Assange is being drugged by the government to make him crazy. I'm sure by the time this comes out Snopes will have disproved it so it may be some weird fan fiction shit. It might be for real though, we just don't know. Its alleged he is being given a drug called "BZ" which is some crazy tripping shit we've never heard of. 

Well, I think that about wraps her up. We hope you enjoyed this one, and if you did you should like our Facebook pageInstagram and Patreon.

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Apr 27, 2019

Welcome to episode fifty eight of the Ancap Barber Shop! In this one we "break down" esteemed ghost hunting documentary "Sir Noface". For almost an entire year now, It's been widely accepted in the scientific community that the DEFINITIVE evidence proving the existence of ghosts has been found (upon the 2018 documentary release). But could the boys (and girl) be on to something? Is it possible that the juggalo film maker is simply lying? Even though every scientist ever agrees that ghosts are real now??? Find out this and more in this fortnight's episode.


So me (Scott), Adam and Erika are on the panel for this one. We get right down to business by starting to watch the documentary, and talking about it, just like you'd expect...


Chad Calek embarks on a journey DOWN UNDER to verify the validity of camera footage caught by Australian native paranormal investigator and former minor league rugby guy, Craig Powell and his troupe of ghost hunting associates, W.S.P.R. The footage shows a child-like super-creepy ghost looking dude, swing into a door way from a room or hallway we never get to see for some reason. The ghost that was originally supposed to be an ADULT military guy in uniform swung it's gimpy body in front of the camera for about two goddamn seconds and swung back. Notice the figure's head doesn't pivot. Just looks straight ahead. Most of the figure appears to be static, while the extremities swing in pendulum fashion, following the spooky specter's movements. 


Chad who has a fucking clown tattooed on his fore arm plays the skeptic, holding poor Craig's "feet to the coals". He presents the following possibilities: The ghost is real or the footage was faked with CGI technology. He doesn't bother to consider whether or not it could have been a doll of some sort. I mean all those cosplay dorks like Dave make shit that looks realer than that alien looking bastard. It doesn't move like a person, it moves like a doll or a dummy or something. 


My money is on Chad faking the whole thing. Craig is probably in on it but maybe not. Damn this is a funny ass movie though, so mad respect for the dawgs. 


Oh BTW here's an article from someone a little more skeptical than the skeptic videographer, that I thought was pretty damn good.



"There is one more possibility. Chad faked the whole thing. Chad has a proven history of profiting fr... Read more at"


Wow, I tried to copy and paste a SMALL excerpt from the article and it regenerated the text to link me back to the website after only a few words. Well that sucks for you if you like long show notes I guess.

I'm not gonna knock it though, it's a pretty good article, I actually read the whole thing, by myself like a big boy, and it was pretty good. Wow.


Oh here's the IMDB:



It got a 3.9/10 so, pretty good.


And here's the link to watch the movie on Amazon:



Well I think that about wraps her up. We hope you enjoyed this one, and if you did you should like our Facebook pageInstagram and Patreon.


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Apr 4, 2019

Welcome to the fifty-seventh episode of The Ancap Barber Shop! In this one me and Adam are completely unleashed, casting aside the restraints of things like "format" and "content", and boy does it pay off. We're really proud of this one, and you should be too. Strap in and pull out your finest set of earbuds because it's about to get real.


We tried a new audio production technique where we must of bumped some controls and didn't notice because my channel was panned all the way to one side. We fixed it and you probably won't notice but if it sounds a little funny that's probably why.


Adam starts off talking about something called the bridge water triangle. Apparently it's an area of Massachusetts  where they have a lot of ghosts and fireballs? Animal mutilations too. We came to the conclusion that Adam is against animal mutilation and I'm for it. 


We would both try veal or foie gras though.


We move on talking about a few ghost stories from my childhood. I've told this story before but I saw a guy without a face. Also an orb, which is apparently common. Adam's friend's house was haunted as well. 

Also we both believe in aliens. 


Oh yeah Inuyasha came up because there was a character that didn't have a face. That thing was fucking creepy and posed as his mom and like sucked him into her chest and shit. But yeah Kagome is 15 years old and Inuyasha is like a hundred years old. So pretty fucked up by most standards. Adam wanted to fuck Kagome but he was 10 so he got a pass, at least at the time...


We discussed the manifesto penned by the Christchurch New Zealand shooter. If you haven't heard this dude was a real mother fucker. He said he could have used anything to commit the attack but chose firearms because of how it would affect civil discourse. It probably wasn't a great time to make fun of muslims considering this cocksucker just murdered like fifty of them in cold blood. But yeah, it is what it is. Don't listen I guess. Seriously though fuck this guy. 


The Bam Margera content wasn't all THAT original. But damn we had fun with it. He just went on cumtown and had some sort of mental break the next day. Kind of a funny situation but I feel bad for poor Bam Bam. We looked up to him as kids and shit. It's whatever though. 


Well I think that about wraps her up. We hope you enjoyed this one, and if you did you should like our Facebook pageInstagram and Patreon.


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Later booooooooiiiiiisssss!

Mar 21, 2019

Hello friends, welcome to the Ancap Barber Shop! Boy have we got a winner for you this time. We've got one final Jussie Smollett update, well hopefully, and we're talking about world famous sports guy David Irving, who quit the NFL during an Instagram video over their cannabis policy, while blazing a fat blunt. Strap in and get ready for episode fifty six! 


I knew it was gonna be a hot cast so I hit the skoal right off the bat. Nobody has asked if I'm concerned about my lip falling apart since I started dipping again. I'm not, fuck cancer. Thanks for asking.


Check out our YouTube page if you think it's something you might be into. We have a state of the art system where we upload the video episodes a few months down the road so you get to enjoy them again lol. 


Ancap Barber Boi News: 


I've got another one of my world famous hair brained ideas. I'm tired of working for the man and I've got a bunch of land and shit now so I'm learning woodworking. If I can get good at it I'm gonna make furniture and sell it for money. If you think that's cool send me a DM and let me know. Also if you know how to do woodworking pretty good hit me up.


Me and Elijah went to the state house in Montgomery to protest some gas tax bullshit, it was a pretty sick trip. They got a big motherfuckin bass pro shop in Montgomery.


Me and Adam are making a bird house. I swear I can make shit way cooler than a dumb ass bird house but Adam wanted to make one so I'm showing him the 1s and 2s of birdhouse design. 


If you whether or not the troops ever left Syria DM me and fill us in and maybe we'll talk about it on the show. Also if you're a black Israelite hit us up, we got questions. 


What the fuck is the internet!?: 


We read this article about recent JS news. It's not looking great for the Empire actor. He might go to jail or prison or whatever, he'll probably hit up that plea deal though.





Follow Us: 


Big Dick Ancap Shit:


David Irving quit the NFL because they're not cool with smoking weed. He did it in an Instagram video while blazing the ganga. Shouts out to Mr. Irving, smoking weed on Instagram is fucking cool.


Damn Adam told me that Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 syncs up perfectly with the dark side of the moon. I haven't seen it for myself but if that shit's real than damn dude, just... damn dude.


We hope you enjoyed this one, and if you did you should like our Facebook pageInstagram and Patreon.


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Feb 14, 2019

Here we go, podcast time again boys and girls! Welcome to the 55th edition of the Ancap Barber Shop! We're Talking Ja Rule and the Gillette commercial. Check it out!


Right off the top work is gay and truck drivers are fuckin sick. Me and Adam spend too much time talking about truck driving shit and tattoos. Ironic tattoos are the way to go. 


I've already said it, but Disney World is sick as fuck. We recount our times there and Adam says it's as big as San Francisco. I don't know if it's true but he said it. Huge shout out to Disney World.


Man I forgot about this but before you get into any of the parks, there's usually one old as security guy with an old ass broke down dog. Like it's supposed to be a drug sniffing dog or something but it's old as shit and just lays there. That shit made me laugh. Shouts out to those old dogs.


Damn still talking about Disney World gonna hit fast forward real quick...


While we wait, you should really check out our Patreon. We've lowered the prices to be more inclusive to poor people. We've basically done the opposite of gentrification to our Patreon, whatever that would be. The January Patreon EP was really Juicy. Patreon is basically our safe space to say the shit we're scared to put out to the public. You can find it at


"He keep that thing on him" lol. Winnie the Pooh is a real one for sure.


Man I feel bad about that Diagon Alley shit but it's true. Like I said though, everyone wants to dress up like a wizard, and that's OK by me.


Thanks to the folks that have been liking our Facebook Page. If you haven't, go to and do that shit.


Man this Ja Rule shit is so funny. If you want to watch along the clip is at


Sorry for the lack of hyperlinks. My internet sucks and I can't get Evernote to pull up so I'm writing this shit on WordPad and it sucks.


We weren't thrilled with the Gillette commercial. It's not a big deal, and if your threatened by it you've got bigger problems then an ad. But it was dumb as fuck. 


Listen guys this was a good one and we hope you keep listening, and don't forget to watch for all Ancap Barber Shop updates and new episodes. Peace out doggies."

Jan 31, 2019

Hey y'all, welcome to the Ancap Barber Shop. In this one we're talking about the third season of Attack on Titan, Italian slurs, the MAGA bomber, and the first of two very special live music performances by the Feldog. Strap in and grab your popcorn because we're about to make your ear holes cream.


First off, my bad to the patrons. The past couple of months have been fucked up. We didn't get a lot of podcast shit done because I (Scott) moved into my new (new to me) house, and then my job got fuckin busy because of gay ass christmas. I know it doesn't sound like a good excuse, but it got like really busy. If you don't send us money then sorry, but not really.


I think we recorded this sometime in November maybe? I really don't remember... Yeah I'm listening and we're talking about dumb ass voting and I'm pretty sure that happens sometimes in November.


We relocated the studios (along with my family and shit) to Owens Crossroads and we can only get 25 mbps internet so the video quality on the livestreams is gonna suck for awhile. If you don't like it call hughes net and talk to them about it. What's a good pun for Owens Crossroads? Damn, wait. Oh men's cross dresser chodes? That'll work for now.


I'm writing these show notes on the ride back from Disney World so we'll talk about that on a Patreon episode coming up soon but here's a good one until then: "Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they're gay all day and eat cum!"


Damn dude Disney World was cool.


Does anyone know if weed actually fights cancer and shit? That's gotta be bullshit right?


We talk about that MAGA bomber dude and we're against sending bombs to places. We also read some comments on the situation from what Adam calls a "mega-thread" on Reddit.


Oh yeah the MAGA bomber was apparently a former male stripper if you trust the . UK!


Ok so for the final segment we finally get to the long awaited inaugural news piece covering Corey Feldman's musical career. We get down to the very nature of why Feldog IS Feldog. 


We hope you enjoyed this one, and if you did you should like our Facebook pageInstagram and Patreon.


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Nov 10, 2018

Welcome to the newest edition of the Ancap Barber Shop! In this episode we are joined by author, film maker and paranormal investigator, Remso Martinez. You DON'T want to miss this one folks.


First off you've got to buy this dude's book, and just for the Ancap Barber Shop listeners, Remso is taking seven dollars off a signed copy! It's an entertaining read and comes highly recommended by me, and the cover design is a legitimate stroke of brilliance. Check out the link below to use the discount. 



If you'd like to get the Kindle or paperback version, you can get it from Amazon here:



We talk about the goings on of his formerly attended Nascar club, how far some left wing folks are gone from libertarian ideals, the Gun Owners of America, for which Remso is the cohost of their podcast: Firing Back, our taste in gamecube and gameboy color games, his film projects, his work as a paranormal investigator... shit what else? Oh yeah multiverse theory, UFOs and I get to talk about the time I saw a ghost or something.


Fuckin shit this podcast was good.


Remso's podcast, The Remso Republic, can be found here:



and his writing can be found here:



Seriously, you should check Remso's work out, he's a super interesting fella, and a lot of fun for me to talk to.


Here's a preview for his current paranormal investigation project, The Witching Hour:



We broke 600 likes on the face book page, but we lost a few and fell back to 599. Thanks for everyone that's helped us out so far, and for those of you that haven't, can you go like it real quick? You can find it at


I have to say, we're sorry for how long it's been since we've put an episode out. I've been moving and it's had me fucked up, but we're back in full swing now buddy. 


And if you're a real silly goose check out Speaking of which, thanks a million to David for upping his pledge to $5 a month! Be like David, he's the shit for real.


We hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we did, look forward to the next edition of The Ancap Barber Shop! We've got the first episode recorded in the new studio up next! Worms!

Oct 18, 2018

We're breaking down Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing as well as the recent #METOO comments from legendary comic Norm MacDonald. Welcome to this fortnights' episode of the Ancap Barber Shop!


Big Dick Ancap Shit


After starting the show off with a re-inaction of the questioning of Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing by

Sheldon Whitehouse, we delve into our pertinent commentary on the subject.


But first we need to establish that Mr. Producer Fuckhead Mcghee was a thing, but only for a short amount of while. 


I'd like to start by saying that rape and sexual assault are not and should not be acceptable or tolerable in any society. Everything hinges on consent. Rapists if caught in the act should be shot until dead.  accusations of rape or sexual assault should be investigated, and if the accused is reasonably proven to be guilty, they should be punished or shunned from society depending on the severity of their crime. That being said an accusation alone is not enough in my eyes to convict the accused. 


So what happened at now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing?


Kavanaugh was nominated by Trump to be an associate justice in the U.S. Supreme Court and shortly before the nomination vote Christina Blassey Ford accused him of sexual assault when they were teenagers. 


Did Kavanaugh sexually assault Dr. Christine Blassey Ford? He very well may have as far as anyone knows. The only people that likely know the truth are Kavanaugh and Ford. That being said with the overwhelming lack of evidence for the crime, we don't think it is fair to assume Kavanaugh's guilt. 


Ford's witnesses do not corroborate her story.


There were a few honorable mentions for the particulars of either of their stories not being convincing.


Ford's initial claim that she couldn't travel by plane was interesting considering she had been on planes for family vacations among other things on a regular basis. She originally refused to fly for the hearing and requested it take place in her vicinity, but eventually worked up the gumption to make the flight. Seems like an obvious stall tactic but who knows.


Ford testified that she had never been trained, or partook in the training or coaching of anyone else in preparation for a polygraph test. a letter from an alleged and anonymous ex-boyfriend of Ford contradicted her.


We really don't think that anyone is buying Brett's deflections for questions about his alcohol fueled adolescence, or the sexual innuendo between him and his childhood friends,  but he shouldn't be on trial for any of that. He would have come across as more genuine had he been more forthcoming about some of the things in his yearbook.


We also know that boofing is a method of delivery, through the anus, of drugs and alcohol.


The most unfortunate thing about the subject matter of the hearing was the lack of discussion about Brett as a judge. He was a terribly hawkish and authoritarian concerning personal privacy and national security, and was more than supportive of the Patriot Act. 


I've compiled a list of all the articles and clips referenced below:


Ford's witnesses do not corroborate her story


Ford's plane travel.



Ancap Barber Boi News


We broke 600 likes on the face book page! Thanks for everyone that's helped us out so far, and for those of you that haven't, can you go like it real quick? You can find it at


What the fuck is the internet!?


We end the show discussing Norm Macdonald's #metoo comments, and his appearance on the view discussing them.


We hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we did, look forward to the next edition of The Ancap Barber Shop! Worms!

Sep 22, 2018

Hey everybody, it's time for the Ancap Barber Shop! On this episode we're talking about the death of John McCain and the naming of the new Madison, AL Baseball team. We've packed a lot into this episode and we've got a new theme song! Make SURE you don't miss this one!


Right off the bat... we've made some pretty significant changes to our Patreon campaign that I'd like to share with you. We've gone from a per episode charge to a monthly charge as well as moved some of the perks around and added a few new ones. We've essentially slashed our prices in half, so now would be a great time to sign up for our Patreon.


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Ceges uped her Pledge to $5.00 a month and Jacob pledged $5.00 a month as well! Thank you so much guys. We can't wait to see you in the live stream!   


Ancap Barber Boi News


If you haven't heard, the fuckhead senator and former presidential candidate John McCain has died. You can probably tell we're real butthurt about the passing of this great American "hero". All joking and shit stirring aside, our thoughts are with the family, as well with the families of the 4,497 American soldiers who have died since the initial invasion of Iraq. Not to mention the hefty civilian toll as well as Afghanistan, Syria, ETC...


We begin by discussing McCain's life. We read from his Wikipedia entry and recount the major events that took place on his journey from his adolescence clear through to his death. You can follow along here


We brought up two other articles but didn't have time to read them. You can check out Caitlin Johnstone's scathing commentary here and the Tom Woods article regarding the establishment reaction here.


We tie up the big dick segment by playing the trailer for the newest addition to the Pax Libertas family, "The Big L with Caryn Ann Harlos". You can get more info at


What the fuck is the internet!?


Adam and I argue about what we want to do with the new intro music. He likes to keep it simple with the live monologue and I want to stuff if full of stupid clips and sound bytes from the show, but he seems to think that would be hacky or some shit. I think Adam is really out of touch. If you'd like to get your voice heard leave us a voicemail at 256-607-3197. 


We listen to a few interesting voicemails, 2 of them being in foreign languages. Let me be clear, we only speak god damn American at the Ancap Barber Shop so if the caller or someone that speaks Japanese or Italian could hook us up with a translation, that would be awesome sauce.   


We've got big plans for a few miniseries that will be released alongside the regular Patreon episodes. We're working on a three part series reviewing the currently airing third season of "Attack on Titan" (Weeb shit) as well as planning on three episodes talking about the Bioshock (gamer shit) series. Sign up for our Patreon at the five dollar tier or higher and watch out for these.


Big Dick Ancap Shit


We discuss the naming of the new Madison, AL baseball team "the trash pandas" and proceed to wrap it up by playing a few questionable responses to the new Eminem album, which is comprised mostly of "diss" tracks, I think. I'm not the expert here so you'll have to ask our resident "hip hop head" and cohost Adam. You can hit him up at


I fell like we're heading in a good direction, and that we really hit it out of the park on this one. We sure hope you enjoy it and if you'd like to shoot us a line you can do so at, worms! 

Sep 13, 2018

Hello Friends! In this episode, we discuss the Nike boycott, as well as recount the first forty-nine episodes of the Ancap Barber Shop! That's right, this is our fiftieth episode, and boy is it a good one! We'll hear from a few listeners, talk about the new Eminem album, listen to a few clips from past episodes and discuss the merits of the boycott against Nike for using Colin Kaepernick in their advertising. This episode begins NOW!

We're retiring the introduction song "Kill Myself" written and performed by... myself (Scott). We're upgrading the show's music for the coming episodes, if you need your fix of Pinecone Percy you can find it here

We move on to thanking our network, patrons, and listeners. I'll reiterate here. 


Seriously, we couldn't do this without you guys. I mean I literally don't know how to upload a podcast, or what an "RSS feed" is. So thanks again.  


Ancap Barber Boi News


We had a few voicemails for this one. Somebody sent us a clip from the movie Billy Madison, looking back this could have been an insult to our intelligence. Are you friend or foe? Either way, we appreciate it! 

The next voicemail is from the big (more recently not-so-big) man himself, Rodger Paxton! He congratulates us and wishes us another fifty to one hundred and fifty episodes. Thanks, Rodger! 

The next one was a little bizarre. Adam and I thought it was a 1960's civil rights speech until we heard the announcer say something about Ric Flair. Make sure and let us know exactly what that was, lol. Our Final message this fortnight was from Brando, the other ancap barber. If you haven't heard it, we interviewed him back on episode twenty-six. Thanks, Brother!

If you'd like to leave us a voicemail you can do so at 256-607-3197. I'm in, give me a holler!

Apparently, the hip-hop artist Eminem AKA Marshall Mathers AKA Mom's Spaghetti Man just put out a new album and did so without warning or promotions. He uses the album to diss all the mumble rappers or something. This shit's a little outside my wheelhouse and Adam doesn't write the show notes so if you want to hear more outside of the podcast hit his ass up at, then send me an email at so I can remind him to check his email.

In the coming weeks, we'll be revamping our Patreon campaign. I don't want to say too much until all the details are finalized but we will likely be halving all of our prices, and further reducing the price of several tiers. We'll let you know more in the next episode but if you've ever thought about supporting us, or just want to get more of that sweet, sweet Ancap Barber Shop content check it out at


What the fuck is the internet!?


We spend our internet segment listening to a few clips that I selected from the first forty-nine episodes.

The first clip is from our inaugural episode, "Anarchy In Alabama" where Adam and I channeled our inner impressionists and did a dramatic reading of the Donald Trump pussy grabbing comments. You can listen to our first episode here

The second clip is from episode fifteen "Battle of Berkley and stoicism with Nick Hazelton". We discuss that "Moldylocks" girl getting punched in the face. You can listen to episode fifteen here.

The third clip is from a bonus episode we recorded live from Porcfest AKA the Porcupine Freedom Festival last year (2017). We talked about allegedly eating mushrooms the night before and allegedly losing our shit for a few hours because of it. You can catch that one here.

Our fourth and fifth clips were from episode forty-one "John Mcafee and Syria" The former clip being Adam's bigoted introduction monologue and the latter being us discussing John's unconventional sex life. 

#ancapbarbergangriseup #mexicanbabysitter 

You can listen to episode forty one here


Big Dick Ancap Shit


We spend a little time discussing the Nike Boycott. The footwear and apparel tycoon has chosen to center one of their ads around Kaepernick, featuring a still portrait of his likeness, and text that reads "Believe in something even it means sacrificing everything".

The internet is flooded with memes. Is this a ploy for attention from the company? Will their support of Kaepernick inevitably be a detriment to their bottom line? Oh yeah Adam is sporting his Nike SB shoes and tee shirt for this pod. 

We'd like to thank everybody once again. This episode was a big milestone for us, and we really enjoyed recording it for you guys. Until next time, worms!

And don't forget to give us mother fucking money at

Aug 30, 2018

Hey boys and girls, welcome to the Ancap Barber Shop! We've got special guest Elijah Boyd on this one. He's the Vice chair of the Libertarian Party of Madison County as well as a candidate in the race for state house district ten here in Alabama. We also discuss what's going on in the state (as well as the country) of Georgia. Make sure you don't miss this one!


Ancap Barber Boi News


We start the show off listening to a few listener voicemails, My favorite is the one where the guy just says "Hannibal Burress" for whatever reason. Great stuff as always.


To whoever left the voicemail about Ric Flair, It was too fucking quiet try again. 


Adam lets us in on some hillbilly assed advice ."One awe shit takes away all your attaboys". So yeah.


Elijah tells us a little about his campaign, and what it's like to run for public office. He says that he's not sure if he's doing it right and that the purpose of his campaign is to spread the message of liberty. You can find out about his campaign at 


Here's a video of Elijah at the LNC putting forth a motion  for the LP to condemn Jeff Sessions. 


Elijah takes us through his platform. We discuss prison reform, cannabis legalization, unfair taxes, occupational licensing and civil asset forfeiture.


We also discuss his life as a foster and adoptive parent, as well as that whole Jacob Anders thing. If you're out of the loop he was the alleged "Rapey Politician" we covered in episode 47. Here are some links to more info on that little dealio:


Big Dick Ancap Shit


Adam ties it up talking about the state of Georgia removing the pledge of allegiance (I think just in Atlanta but I don't remember, Adam always forgets to send me the links... If you've made it this far I assume you're planning on listening to the podcast so fuck off lol) as well as the country of Georgia legalizing (I hope it's legalize and not decriminalize, once again it's Adam's fault so bitch at him) cannabis. 


Alright I felt bad so I looked it up. The country of Georgia LEGALIZED cannabis. Don't expect me to do more work than  I want to anymore.


If you haven't figured it out Adam originally thought that the STATE of Georgia had legalized POT. What a dipshit.


Let me remind you guys again that we livestream the episodes with cameras and shit for all levels of patronage, check it out at  


We've been pumping out content like crazy for Patreon. Podcasts, live streams, video game shit. I'd suggest spending as much as you can so you get a bunch of goodies. Also, with Attack on Titan season 3 in full swing, we're getting ready to record our EXHAUSTIVE review of the season. I think we're going to review 4 episodes per.. episode. So a total of 3 episodes. Yeah, that should make the hentai nerds happy. 


Welp, I really hope you guys have enjoyed this. I know it's been fun for me. Worms!


Oh yeah, make sure to sub our YouTube channel. We've been working on uploading the old episodes and we're gonna start putting the HD videos up shortly after the podcast drops. So yeah.

Aug 11, 2018

Hey everybody, In this episode we discuss whether or not Joe Rogan should continue his show, the sissy of Freemont street and creepy stories from the dark web. Oh yeah Darryl W. Perry calls in for a bizarre interview. Make sure you DO NOT miss this one.



Ancap Barber Boi News


We have a handful of juicy voice mails from our listeners. I guess I don't know if the last two were listeners since I don't know who they were.

Adam proceeds to crack the case on a bizarre interaction I had with a walmart employee. I think she was some type of grocery bag nazi or something.


Did you guys know that we live stream video of our show for patrons at ALL LEVELS? If you didn't, you goddamn should now. You can get the video stream as well as our Patreon exclusive episodes for as little as two bucks a month. Check it out at


I had the pleasure to guest star in an episode of "Sounds Like Liberty" with Nick and Lizzy. They talk about music and musicians from a libertarian perspective. We talked about a whole bunch of shit and it was a fucking riot. In particular I got to break down my nine favorite albums, so if you're at all curious about my refined taste in music be sure to check it when it drops. You should check their website everyday until they put it out. If they take too long I fully endorse harassment/online bullying. I think they listen to the show but I'm pretty sure they don't read the show notes... just don't tell them I told you to do it. Actually just don't do it at all. Oh fuck the website is  


What the fuck is the Internet!?


We start our internet segment by breaking down an article that claims to compile stories from reddit users about their unusual experiences in the dark web. Our more technically oriented panelist seems to think a lot of it is bullshit because he knows how technology and the internet works. Honestly it kind of fell flat once we realized it was a bunch of HOO HAA but what are you gonna do? I'm surprised it wasn't overly political. They could have used the opportunity to paint the dark web as more of a den of pedos then it is, since they seemed to be making shit up. I'm sure someone will write in and explain how some of this shit could happen. I'll pass the info along to the other guys since I won't understand it anyway. 


We're turning this into a clip show, and I think the segment about "The sissy of Freemont Street" displays the nuanced and poignant commentary that the  hosts here at the Ancap Barber Shop are known for. In fact all of our peers in the podcasting industry envy  us, yet at the same time respect us. Most libertarian podcasters look up to us, even though we have only been doing it for a few years. But the Sissy is in fact an elderly man that made a video seeking a room mate and lover. He says "I'm ready for you to fuck me up anyway you want to do it you white cunts!". You just need to listen to the show, or watch the video here.


Goddamn I just watched it again and he says "And put some weights on my itty bitty two inch dick" I'm fuckin dyin bois. You gotta check this shit out.


Mediafile reports "By giving legitimacy to these conspiracy theories amongst others, Rogan is encouraging the “fake news” movement and is essentially telling his audience not to trust anything that is generally accepted as true. 


I don't know man, I would think questioning everything is good. Even if the dude was into some conspiracy shit, and made it part of his show. People don't have to listen to him, much less hold the same beliefs as him or his guests. 



Big Dick Ancap Shit


Darryl W. Perry called in and it was really him and not a soundboard. We had a bizarre conversation and I had to eventually hang up on him and cut the show short. I wrote longer show notes to make up for it.


The good folks at the Ancap Barber Shop really appreciate you guys listening to us. Make sure to check out our Patreon and Facebook Page. Worms.

Aug 2, 2018

Hey everyone, in this episode we're talking about Jacob Anders, a local politician who is under fire for some leaked questionable posts in a secret incel group, as well as the Libertarian Party in Cuba. Me (Scott) and Dave are bringing the funk tonight. Hope you guys enjoy!   


Ancap Barber Boi News


We had quite a few voicemails this episode, we heard from donors Brian and Bruce as well as some of the usual jokers.

Brian actually hosts a show on Pax Libertas, you can find it at


You can also leave us a voicemail for the next episode at:




On the last episode we announced the winner of our Sopranos pun contest, but misgendered, as well as mispronounced the name of our winner. So, SORRY CEGES! 


What the fuck is the Internet!?


In this episode's What the Fuck is the Internet segment we discuss Jacob Anders, who is currently running for Huntsville city council district #4. He's in hot water because of surfaced screenshots being passed around on social media of some of his past posts in an "incel" group on Facebook. The locals are fired up to make sure he doesn't win, While I prefer no political masters and choose not to validate the political system by participating, I can't blame them based on his comments. 


He originally had the endorsement of the local Libertarian Party chapter, but has since been revoked.


You can check out his platform here as well. 


We briefly discuss Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed's case against the Federal Government. You can find out more at as well as buy an 80% finished firearm at


Bick Dick Ancap Shit


We close out the show talking about libertarians in Cuba. Last year they officially launched the Cuban Libertarian Party after "authorities" arrested a few of their activists for distributing literature. You can read the article here, see their facebook or send them a donation at  


Cuba's communist government is working towards recognizing some degree of private property rights, as well as the presumption of innocence in their judicial system. They claim to be opening up to private property as well as some form of free market because of their poor economy, which sounds like a concession to me, but we will see.    


We hope you enjoyed this one, and don't forget to leave us a voicemail at 256-607-3197 or check out the perks on our Patreon at Worms!

Jul 13, 2018
In this episode, we are talking about Elastigirl's PHAT ass in the new children's film "The Incredibles 2" as well as Japan using the death penalty to punish terrorist cult leaders. Me and Adam are riding solo for this one... or, well whatever. We didn't have Dave or Tanner, so this is one of the good ones. Oh yeah, we couldn't live stream this one for the patrons because Adam forgot to bring the network cable. It's his fucking fault so don't be mad at me. We also still owe the gentleman's cut and up patrons the live stream for last month. Sorry guys, shit's been real at the new and improved Martin Shkreli studios, but we'll do two this month. 
Ancap Barber Boi News
We set up a phone line for listeners to leave us messages to play on the show and we received quite a few of them for this episode. We got to hear from the ghost of Jimmy Stewart (or James Dean, I think they're the same person), Tony Montana,
Hank Hill, Joe Pesci and many more. Leave us a voicemail anytime day or night and we'll play it on the next episode. The number is:
We announced the winner for our best pun to answer the question "What anime would Tony Soprano watch?" contest.
The winner is........ Ceges! with his answer of "Fullmetal Alchemist: Dagohood" Send us your info Ceges, and we'll get you a free shirt.
We closed this segment out briefly discussing a Huntsville, AL former school teacher who was arrested for brandishing a firearm at a local immigration protest. You can find the article here.
What the fuck is the Internet!?
This past fortnight's internet activity seems to have mostly revolved around discussing Elastigirl's big fat booty and since we like to keep our fingers on the pulse of what's going on in the world, we felt it necessary to weigh in. Long story short, don't tell me what to jack off to, it's none of your fucking business. and get off my goddamn property while we're at it. Oh yeah here's the article.
We talked about all the Joe Rogan hate that's been going around as well. Leave my man alone (addressed to incels everywhere). 
Bick Dick Ancap Shit
For our closing segment, we talk about Shoko Asahara, founder of a Japanese doomsday cult. He was recently executed along with 6 of his cohorts for the deaths of 29 people, including 13 that died in a sarin gas attack. 6,000 people were reported injured as well. So it's pretty hard to feel bad for these guys. If you like you can read the full article here.
We hope you guys enjoyed this one, and don't forget to check out our FacebookInstagram, and Patreon, and leave us a voicemail while you're at it. Worms.
Jul 2, 2018
This episode we're talking about a recent tweet from actor Peter Fonda wherein he prompted his followers to force Baron Trump into a cage full of pedophiles as well as the new supreme court justice seat vacancy.
Hello! This is the Ancap Barber Shop, and right off the top, straight from jump street, a big dicked-ass thank you to Adam for pledging $2 dollars per podcast episode on Patreon! If you'd like to join Adam in listening to our ever-growing catalog of Patreon exclusive episodes, check us out at
A quick note for our current patrons at the gentleman's cut level and up, we are running behind on the June live stream but will be knocking it out in the next week or so. We had considered doing it right before recording this episode. but decided not to for lack of being able to give anyone a heads up. So sorry!!!
We're working on refining the show into three clearly defined segment being:
1) Ancap Barber Boi News
In this segment, we'll be discussing the events that affected us personally over the preceding fortnight. What movies we watched, shit like that. 
2) What the fuck is the Internet!?
We'll use this to talk about something or things going on in the WORLD WIDE WEB that makes us happy/horny or piss us off.
3) Bick Dick Ancap Shit
The final segment of the show will be devoted to libertarian/political/philosophical type shit.  
None of this is necessarily set in stone but we should have everything locked in by next POD so air your grievances accordingly. 
Don't forget to submit your.... submission? to the Ancap Barber Shop Facebook page for our contest, that we're currently... running... I guess? Anyhow the premise is this. You have to answer the following question in the form of a pun:
What anime would Tony Soprano watch?   
The best pun gets an Ancap Barber Shop tee shirt.
If you'd like to check out the racist podcast that we reviewed, you can find it at:
If you caught the last episode you may recall our guest, Antony of the Scottish Liberty Podcast. I had the absolute honor to participate in a live stream he hosted for the purpose of shaving his long dicked hair off. You can check that out at the link below.
Here's a couple of links we discussed. Peter Fonda's Wikipedia entry and the article we read from about his tweet or whatever.
We hope you guys enjoyed this one, and don't forget to check out our FacebookInstagram, and Patreon. Worms.
Jun 18, 2018

Boy do we have a good one lined up for you guys this time. In addition to our regular hosts and panelists we are joined by Antony Sammeroff of the Scottish Liberty Podcast and We discuss "The Psychology of Statism", environmentalism in regards to private property, Ezra Klein, Charles Murray, life in Scotland and an upcoming live stream Antony is hosting for the purpose of shaving his long, flowing mane.  


Antony assured me throughout the interview that I was doing a good job, so I think you guys will probably enjoy it. 
Did you guys know that I used to cut the dick bones out of dead raccoons? Yeah they have bones in their dicks and people cut them out and make toothpicks out of them. We also learned that they don't have raccoons in Scotland. 
As usual the rest of the Ancap Barber boys didn't do any research or prep, so it fell to me to carry the show. I've scolded them, but if you feel like you can do a better job send your application The bar isn't very high, honestly if you can keep your mouth within two inches of a microphone and not talk over me, or contradict me in any way, you've got the job. It doesn't pay anything, in fact you would have to pay me so be sure you're cool with that and we'll discuss my fee.
Shouts out to Scuba Steve from Kentucky, thanks for reaching out man. I always appreciate feedback from listeners. If you'd like to get a message to us we always love that shit. DM me on Instagram (@ancapbarber) or shoot me an email at 
We talk about a recent camping expedition I took with my daughter and some friends, during which I attempted to coax a neighboring camper's toddler over to my campsite. I thought the poor toddler was my kid, so I tried to bait her away from her parent's campsite with cookies. I can't make this shit up.
We really enjoyed talking with Antony, and we highly recommend checking out his content. You can find his his stuff below.
Seriously, he's a real smart dude. 
Be Yourself and Love it Podcast
Scottish Liberty Podcast
Alright guys, until next time.
Jun 9, 2018
We're talking about a bunch of cool shit in this one, like an open pedophile, white supremacist dude who's running for Congress and a cop murdering a groundhog in COLD BLOOD, but not until I talk about the stuff I want to talk about... like the 1998 Michael Bay action spectacular, Armageddon. I wanted to figure out which characters we would be but Adam and Tanner haven't seen it, so I explain the plot for 5 minutes. I could have asked them if they had seen it but I assumed everybody had. Anyways I'm Rockhound, and I'm pretty sure Adam is Bear, Dave would be the Bruce Willis guy and Tanner is Aerosmith's daughter.  
Oh yeah, I saw the new Han Solo movie and it was really good. Adam and Tanner didn't see this one either. We did figure out that C-3P0 is gay though...
We talked about the Roseanne tweet. Overall we're supportive, but we offer some poignant criticism for Ms. Barr.
Tanner wanted to bring up the mounting trade war between the U.S. and Canada, so we discussed the pros and cons of taxing imports vs not interfering with international trade. 
We talk about basketball man Sterling Brown getting tazed and arrested. Me and Adam are pretty much in the dude's corner, but Tanner gives us some pushback. I mean after the poor bastard was on the ground they were standing on his ankles and shit. If tanner would get the animal crackers out of his panties for two seconds he would probably be with us. You can watch the video and decide for yourselves. 
check this shit out, after arguing about the Sterling Brown thing we talk about the cop who shot the damn groundhog and me and Tanner switch positions. This shit is so damn funny to me.
Our last titillating segment for this episode is about Virginian Nathan Larson, who is running for Congress as a libertarian and an open pedophile among a lot of other weird shit. He wants to legally define women as property and he's apparently a white supremacist. 
Welp that's the show, if all goes as planned we should have Antony from the Scottish Liberty Podcast with us next episode. Y'all don't do nothing I wouldn't do, unless it's sending money to our Patreon. Later.
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